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Clear Concepts Tutorials – Best Coaching for IIT JEE in Sangli for AIIMS, NEET, AIPMT & MT-CET

It wasn’t very long back. It all started in may 2013. A well known dentist from small town of Islampur, Dr. Suhas Kulkarni was searching a good tuition for his second daughter, an aspiring medical student. His elder daughter was already studying in GS medical college, Mumbai. According to her, many of her classmates were students of Dr. Abhang Prabhu and Prof. Ravi Seshan,  who were one of the best tutors for CET and eventually proved to be best for NEET as well. So Dr. Suhas and his wife Dr. Manali tried to meet Dr. Prabhu in Mumbai .

Dr. Suhas had gathered a bunch of around 30/40 students in Islampur who wanted to learn from best educators of Mumbai and he wanted teachers from Mumbai to come to Islampur. A seemingly impossible task!  But nevertheless he tried meeting Dr. Abhang Prabhu. At first Dr. Prabhu was reluctant even to meet Dr. Suhas. But his persistent efforts and patience paid. He finally persuaded Dr. Prabhu to visit Islampur once to guide parents and students about NEET and JEE. He successfully managed to convince Dr. Prabhu that there is lot of potential in small town kids which is going wasted without proper guidance from experienced teachers. Dr. Prabhu addressed a seminar in Islampur , he liked this place and the people he met here, and eventually agreed to come and teach with his team.

Initially it was decided that this team will teach only MCQs. But as they started teaching they realised that students were weak in their basics about the science subjects. So later they started teaching theory as well. The teachers took this Islampur project as a challenge. Very few students had joined and the project was not economically viable, there was much resistance from local class owners, everybody was saying this team will not come regularly, they will wind up and go back leaving students in the mid of nowhere.

But Dr. Suhas and Dr. Manali were sure that clear concepts team will complete the task taken in hand even if they have to face any challenge. Entire Kulkarni family and some other parents took good care of the teachers. Teachers’ pick up and drop to railway station, their food arrangements and stay everything was managed perfectly.

Meanwhile in sangli city some 45 kms away from Islampur parents and students were facing same problems of guidance for NEET and JEE. As clear concepts team started coming regularly to Islampur some parents from sangli started sending their children to Islampur once a week. One such parent was Dr. N.S.Parchure. As time passed, some more parents joined in.  Then they invited the team to sangli. By seeing the huge response of sangli students, CCT team decided to open a center in sangli. Dr. Nalini Parchure agreed to look after it as the local co-ordinator.

There was no infrastructure, no office, no staff at the beginning, but admissions started pouring in. So Dr. Narsinh Parchure helped in finding a place for the classes. Dr. Suhas and some local well wishers helped with the interiors and in finding office staff and other things. Students and parents themselves helped to establish the class in sangli.

Sangli center started in 2014. In 2016 sangli saw the best ever result it can get in medical and engineering entrance exams. It is not easy to maintain punctuality and discipline in teaching at a place so far off from Mumbai like sangli. Sending the best teaching faculty for 5 days a week, and maintaining the quality of teaching, quality of notes, papers and also of non teaching facilities is a task in itself. This is possible only because of the passion and persistency of the teaching and non teaching staff.

Clear concept has always stood behind students as a rock solid pillar and it will continue doing same in the future.