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About CCT Family

Dear All,

Greetings from CCT family!

As an aspiring medical or engineering branch student or a parent of such a student you all know how difficult it has become to get admission in medical and good engineering college. As the syllabus is vast and tough, and as the exam patterns are ever changing; the dream of many students who wish to become a Doctor or an Engineer remains a dream because of lack of proper guidance.

As I sit at the coordinator’s desk in CCT sangli, I remember my days as a parent. Me and my son also had to face and fight same problem viz. lack of proper guidance. Being born and brought up in Mumbai and having studied in one of the best schools and colleges, I exactly knew where we lacked. And I was trying hard to get that systematic teaching and practising pattern for him.

During this period I got to know that the renowned clear concepts team is coming to teach at islampur, 45 kms away from where we were. So I grabbed the opportunity and started sending my son to islampur for guidance. Eventually he got good marks in engineering entrance ( JEE(mains)at that time) and could secure admission in good Mumbai college.

This experience made me aware of the lack of facilities good students are facing in sangli area. And so when clear concepts team decided to open a center in sangli I agreed to help. Actually I was practising homeopathic medicine as a full timer, and was under the impression that clear concepts team will come and teach one batch of few students and I will help as and when required.

Bur as we started there was such a huge response that now CCT coordination has become my full time job. This only shows how much need sangli had of such a center. And we have proved ourselves by 2016 results. I feel proud to be associated with the fabulous team of teachers who have not only enriched sangli’s educational field but also my personal life.

We guide students not only in terms of perfecting their skills, but also instilling in them scientific temperament and confidence that last forever. Our emphasis on core concepts helps to bring out the best in the aspirants.

We hope you join us on this journey.